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Snack: Last observations

My James Beard Awards weekend came to a end at about 3:30a.m. last night. When I left the impromptu celebration at Gramercy Tavern it was still going strong. Overall, I’d say it was one of the better awards weekends in recent memory.

The Edison Ballroom had more than enough room for everyone at Chefs’ Night Out hosted by Bon Appétit on Friday. The bonus was the dance floor and a pretty decent DJ. Chefs getting their groove on is always entertaining. I’m not sure who thought of it, but the Good Humor ice cream truck parked in front was brilliant. The bow-tie clad driver was handing out free ice cream bars at the door. Everyone, including fancy chefs, loves a cool strawberry shortcake on a stick. The after parties inevitably flowed downtown, with people reconvening at Blue Ribbon, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Spotted Pig, and Florent.

For the first time ever, the Who’s Who induction was a separate event on Saturday. The cocktail reception was hosted by Gourmet magazine at the Plaza Hotel. I do believe that the Terrace Room has some of the best air conditioning in the city, which was crucial in the 90+ degree heatwave. It was quite an elegant soiree and a lovely addition to the festivities.

By the time we arrived at the Sunday awards, everyone was much more relaxed (i.e. tired and hungover), better dressed and ready to go again. As the night progressed and the winners were announced and the champagne was uncorked, the evening took on a vivacious sparkling quality.

The after parities in the immediate vicinity were at P.J. Clarke’s, hosted by Southern Wine & Spirits, and a wine and paté malay in the downstairs room at Bar Boulud. As tradition dictates, there were spontaneous parties at Eleven Madison Park and Gramercy Tavern to celebrate their winnings. Everyone agreed they were two of the best after parties in recent years. Revelers did not seem to be deterred by the late hour and the staff kept pouring drinks and serving food.

I wonder how lunch service went for them today? I wondered if there would be any wine left to serve. The staff at both restaurants deserves their own After-Party Service Award for the fantastic job they did into the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps a new awards category to consider for next year. 


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Snack: From Paris to Lincoln Center

I am thrilled that Gramercy won. Well of course I’m thrilled for all the winners. But Mike Anthony and I go way back. It was maybe 15 years ago. Yes am still old lady at the party.

We were both working as line cooks at a one Michelin star place in Paris called Le Toit de Passy. Young Americans in Paris. No money and working hard, six days a week. I recall his French was better than mine. And here we are. We clean up nice no?

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Snack: Victory cooking

Q: How is it cooking after the win? More or less pressure?
Eric Ziebold – Much less. Because there was tension and anxiety. Now its over and we can go back to normal.

The soft shell crabs fried to order sure taste like victory.

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Snack: “What looks good?”

Ed Levine: “The food promises to be unusually good.”

Michael Symon: “So far, beer. But Bruce Sherman’s table looks good. ”

Aaron Sanchez: “Cindy Pawlcyn looks good. Alex from Butter. And Michael Symon should have won. “

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Snack: Telepan’s essentials

How much longer until the end? Asked Bill Telepan. He’s prepping his scrapple with poached egg for the reception. He’s wearing chef cargo pants from Club Monaco. “They’re great cause I got everything I need in the pockets. Business cards, phone, butts and lighter. The essentials. ”


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Snack: Party planning

The awards ceremony has not ended yet and talk in the press room has turned to after parties. It is an unofficial tradition that winners in NYC rush back to their restaurants for impromptu celebrations. Gavin won rising star. So perhaps a party at Cafe Boulud. Daniel is actually in Canada tonight for the Grand Prix races. He said they could have a party. Just don’t burn down the house.

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Snack: From the red carpet to the press room

It was difficlt to live blog the red carpet with a mike and camera in tow. Lot of nice looking suits. Johnny Iuzzini in Prada. Yosuke Suga in Gucci. Fabio Trabocchi in Burberry. And my personal fashion favorite, Morimoto resplendent in shogun silks from Japan.

Now that the awards have started the action is in the press room. Winners come off the stage for interviews. And there’s a good supply of Champagne and seats. A good place to pause, blog and cocktail.


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