The Paupered Chef: Food, at last!

June 9, 2008 at 1:44 am Leave a comment

We set out from the press room to find Maricel Presilla and chat about her Cuban restaurant in Hoboken. We sincerely wanted to know how she’s adapted to having a restaurant in New Jersey while still sticking with local ingredients, even though her cuisine is a world away.

But her table was totally busy and we could barely get a word in edgewise. We introduced ourselves but were left speechless because she asked if we wanted tamales. To eat. Right now. They are topped with a smoky salsa and a salad of fava beans, red onions, and Peruvian corn. Too busy to chat, we had to settle for one, which Nick devoured on the spot. Maybe we’ll catch up with her later.

On our way back to post this, we stumbled on the folks at Bacchanalia, who were putting together delicate little bites of cured trout on bee pollen crackers. They also quick-cured the roe from the trout (who knew you could do that?) which imbued it with with a wonderful complex saltiness.

So they’re feeding us. Slowly. The ceremony is almost over and many hungry people are now milling about wondering where to fill their stomachs. The San Pellegrino and cocktails, for the charming few who find them, flow like wine.


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